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Hey my lovelies!

This is my first blog post on here! If anyone knows me personally, you’ll know I used to actually have my own beauty blog/website, but I deleted it many moons ago! So it feels kinda weird to be back doing a blog post, but I like it!


I get asked all the time how I started out my little brand! I’ve always wanted my own business, but never knew how to get started and what route to exactly go down!

After first lockdown, I found some amazing stock (bags) and ordered a few to check the quality etc. They were fab, and I wanted to launch, but was sooo nervous. I shown my friend Shen, and she said to me -

“Jas you have nothing to loose, you literally have the bags sat in your wardrobe! Make your money girl 😂”

I knew she was right, I had all these bags ready to sell just sat all over my house! I was just so worried people would think it was a stupid idea, or I wouldn’t sell anything, or I didn’t have enough stock (when I launched, I had 4 bags on site to buy!)


I made my website and Instagram, and launched on the 17th November 2020 and that was it! The orders started flying in and it’s been the same ever since! Those 4 bags I started with then turned into over 50 different bags on site!


I couldn’t be happier with how HEYPEARLTHELABEL has gone so far!

A few lil achievements 👇🏼


🤍 5000+ followers! What theee!

🤍 Over 100 orders!

🤍 Worked with unreal influencers and TV personalities! (Love Island gals)!

🤍 Met so many amazing people/friends!

🤍 Discovered so many new small upcoming businesses!


I wouldn’t change a thing 🖤 (apart from launching sooner😂)


But for real, if you have a dream, go for it! If you can see it in your mind you can hold it in your hand! You can have whatever you want in this life - go get it!!


Love Jas xxx

  • Sass & bloom on

    Absolutely amazing jas, so proud of you 💕

  • Allie on

    You are amazing ❤ Thank you so much for this

  • Leah Beth on

    This is so inspiring, I’m so glad you went for it! One of my fave small businesses 💖 can’t wait to see you grow more

  • Hayley on

    Wow your doing amazing such a fab achievement loved reading this

  • Bethany on

    I LOVED reading this! Always loved your page since following you excited to see where you go and such an inspiring story especially owning a small business myself xxx

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